Thursday, November 18, 2010

Annnnnd We're Unemployed Again.

Here we are again friends.

Back to unemployment.

When I took my latest nanny gig I didn't know the baby wasn't going to take a bottle or anything else for that matter. Mom and Nanny want to pull their hair out. Baby just isn't ready and Mom doesn't want to force it. Plus, Nanny is tired of screaming baby everyday:(

So we're back to square one. Except THIS TIME I have actual rent to pay and nowhere to fall back on. Awesome.

BUT I already had an interview this morning to be a front office person at a school, which would be good, and I might be up for an AMAZING high profile family job that pays incredibly, has awesome hours, a car included, and kids that are more my age style.

At this point I think I am just so numb to everything that the awful feeling assorted with unemployment is just a fun addition to my mounting frustration with life.

So I just took a long nap with Bella.

Looked at some pretty pictures to help me believe in beauty and love again.

Officially booked an appointment with a counselor.

Am going to bake a pie (its vegan and healthy so shut it).

And am going to happy hour with Annie later, obviously.

Seriously, there is never a break for me.

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