Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Say NO To You $40 Circle Scarf!

Me and Cashmere in Espana.

A scarf is a scarf, and boy do I love me some scarves. BUT I am NOT paying $40 for a circle scarf Fred Flare. Or ANYWHERE for that matter. I love you, but I can either,

a) Wrap my perfectly normal scarf into, circle.

b) Cut the bottom off my old dress and hang it around my neck.

c) Follow directions of someone who actually knows what they're doing, like here on PS I Made This.

I have featured this amazing blogger/crafter before, but her crafts are based on affordable home made ways to sport high end looking fashion.

I just HEART her!

More projects to add to the list...make circle scarf. Make faux fur vest.

SO easy and cheap it'd be a crime not to.

Just Another Street Style Look Book Lady.

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Ashton said...

I think that paying $40 for a simple scarf is too much!
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