Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Thats me. Being productive.

Well today I FINALLY finished 3 of my huge substitute applications.

And applied for 2 more tutoring programs.

I even started my graduate school applications and lost some of my STRESS regarding them when I saw they aren't due until January and February and that the essay is simply regarding why I want to attend their program...pretty easy. The portfolio is going to take a little time, but most of my stuff is already digital and I am good at that kind of thing. I just want to add more to it from my recent classwork so I am going to try and focus on actually WORKING on my art work these next few weeks in preparation for the portfolio. Sitting down and doing a focused activity? What a concept.

PLUS I cleaned the kitchen and am going to vacuum my room and clean my bathroom too. Then Bella and I are going to walk to the bank so I can deposit a check. See? I am productive when I am given a day off.

I EVEN talked to Cassie in Sweden and called a church about counseling.

All in a days work.

Now of course I haven't even showered at its 4pm, but hey. One thing at a time.

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