Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Tooter with a Top Knot.

Job stuff looks like its going to work out! Woot! I think I landed a tutoring job 2x a week which will help me cover the rest of my expenses. The company might also be able to get me more. Thanks JC.

A little overwhelmed with everything going on now...trying to get everything together for the tutoring job interview tomorrow, the sub application I want to turn in next week, and now I have the grad application hanging over my head. Plus, I start my new classes next week, new job, and hopefully new tutoring job.

Lately all Ive been thinking is, I need a vacation.

And. That we're bringing back the top knot.

Although this has been trending for about a year, I am just now jumping (for joy) into the band wagon.

Embrace your inner lazy girl. Because now she's also a fashionista.

Pictures via The Sartorialist, Jeune Marie, and Chic Muse.

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