Saturday, November 06, 2010

What to Blame...

Either I blame a long tiring week, feeling sick and icky, OR because I am old 25 year OLD woman.

Home every night this week.

Lets see, then my Saturday checklist includes:
-slept in till noon
-watched two episodes of Law & Order CI (featuring a love of my life, a young Vincent D'Onofre) with Bella
-cleaned the apartment, my room, and Bella
-now at the rents doing laundry

Tomorrow should be more eventful...lunch and a play downtown with Alyssa. Hairspray! So fun!

And then someone needs to visit an awkward sex shop, AGAIN.

This is getting ridiculous.

PS: I clean in my underwear. Or naked. Its just more fun that way. Don't worry roomie, not when your around;)

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