Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Some Important Decisions.

Made some important decisions today.

Interview with the school to substitute at went AMAZING and I am going to be on their list as soon as I get the giant mound of paperwork done for it and get another TB test done. woot!

So I decided NOT to take the T/TH nanny job and just get by with the 20hrs a week job and try to supplement with other little jobs here and there. Maybe more nannying in the evenings and weekends or tutoring. I am going to keep my T/TH days open and keep applying to private schools in the area for substitute work. I think I might even volunteer at the new school to try and get "in" there a little too.


I am applying to go to grad school in NYC.

Summer 2011 the Art Education MA program starts.

I know.

Big deal.

I am fully qualified with more then the minimum requirements and can just go.
MORE paperwork.

But its not due until February, so I am just going to work on it little by little.

Of course I am SURE I will get rejected or the money won't come through or an array of other horrible things...but I do see a sliver of hope there. Especially since I just happened to enroll in a drawing class and can update my portfolio now.

Um. Did I mention there is an option to study for a semester in Venice, Italy? Uh YEAH. This is what I am saying.

So I have a lot of work ahead of me.
All of this job stuff, art portfolio development, and the actual graduate application (its a DOOZY) will require meetings with counselors, essay writing, etc.

And all of it makes me angry at Number 2 for not being here when I helped him all of last year with his MBA bullshit.
It's my turn.
And he would totally know how to help me.
And, of course, he's not around.

So now even if I had someone to date I wouldn't have the time. Between my new yoga and drawing class, the hours I AM working, all of this job applying, the grad application, my volunteering, I am SO busy all of a sudden. And spring semester I want to take 2 more art classes so I dont have to take them in NYC. (I am short an art history class and 2 studio art classes).

Busy busy beeeeee.

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