Monday, November 22, 2010


Reasons to move to Slovakia:
-pretty sweet city with awesome bus system, plenty of malls and great shopping, beautiful castles and theatres, Plus, just a short train ride or 50euro plane ticket to anywhere else in Europe.
-I would be closer to Cassie in Sweden, Rachel in Munich, and Jen in London. GOODTIMES AHEAD.
-I would get to TEACH elementary kids normal subjects IN english at an international school with other young teachers from all over the world, including the US. They are all friends and do lots of fun things together.
-They pay me an awesome salary, the contract includes a sweet furnished apartment, and they pay back my plane ticket.
-It would get me the teaching and art experience I need so I can either get a job back here OR art education grad school in NYC.
-Adventures are SO fun
-I would be making enough money to travel and put a lot into savings.
-this blog would suddenly be 20x more AWESOME.

Reasons NOT to move to Slovakia:
-I would have to leave Bella:( She is already almost 10 years old and I am already concerned she doesn't have many years left.
-It is cold as fuck there. Ok, not too horrible...But December-February the HIGHS are between 30-45 degrees Fahrenheit. Yeah, I would die.
-I would miss my friends here a lot.
-I would miss my family here a lot.
-I would miss my magazines, avocados, burritos, weird soy vegan food, my shampoo and favorite American products, TV in English, all of my online blogs, music, netflix, etc. Things just aren't the same in Europe.
-Although I would be in community with other English speaking teachers...I think I would be lonely.
-I would miss my "stuff". My books, pictures, music, I love my things. I guess they would be here when I got back, but living without them for a long time would be hard. I am a collector of sorts.

Maybe my mom could be in charge of sending me magazines, my shampoo/favorite beauty products, etc. And I guess I could ship some of my "stuff" over if I wanted. Ugh, this is such a big deal.

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estefanny said...

Go for it!!!!!!!! your stuff and all of your favorites will be right where you left them (just make sure you leave them with a trustworthy person, lol). Think of all the adventures you'll have!!! the people you'll meet!! the Experience you'll obtain!! i know how it feels to leave every single precious memento behind just to be somewhere else, and trust me, it's not really that hard, especially when you know you'll come back one day. But, no matter what you decide, I'll still read your blog, lol.