Monday, November 15, 2010

The Plan.

So I need to get out of this icky dip I feel like I have fallen into. I am thinking about Number 2 all the time and am sad (not crying sad, and not my body feels like its going to break open sad...just sad. I miss my friend. I miss my lover. I just miss him).

I am extremely overwhelmed with my job applications, new job where the baby will NOT stop crying from 11:30 onwards, AND graduate school applications.

So I have taken steps toward recovery. My yoga class on Monday's is fantastic, and a lot of it is about focusing on fixing something in your heart. Being present. Rejuvenation. Perfect.

My art class is also really fun. Like yoga, its a little too easy, but it just means I get to challenge myself and not be intimidated by anyone else which is always nice. Plus, I have been creating all of these funny characters I can't wait to show you.

I have decided to start journaling and praying every evening I am home at 9:30pm. I have gotten into the habit of computering until bedtime and haven't even been reading any actual books! Damn you online blogs!

I have also been walking almost everyday, taking my vitamins, trying to get more sleep, not eating as much sweets, and trying to enjoy my friends and family. Plus, I want to be more intentional regarding my spiritual life.

So there you go.

The Plan.

I was even thinking of doing a cleanse because I can NOT figure out why the hell I am SO exhausted ALL the time. I am seriously concerned something is wrong with me.

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