Monday, November 15, 2010

A Kiss Would Be Nice.

My most recent kisses, SS and T weren't really the best.

In fact, they were kind of awful.

T pushed his face really hard into mine so it just felt like two walls smashed together. And SS would just kind of sit there and let me do all the work. Plus, they both had scratchy facial hair that HURT.

Of course Number 2 was the best kisser. Probably out of all my kisses, and Im not just saying that. Big soft lips, nice sweet tongue action, and the softest face this side of the Mississippi. Plus, he would always touch my face or grab my ass...anything to have me closer to him.

I have kissed...maybe 4 other boys since Number 2, well...since the last word and during our break up game when I was trying to move on. None of them were very good.

Which now has my heart (and lips) on a quest for a new lovely kiss.

Just a kiss.

But a good one.
One that leaves me floating on air and waiting for the room to stop spinning.
One that doesn't leave me wiping my face off afterwards.

I have hope that One is out there.

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