Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Ready for the Weekend and its only Tuesday. Again.

I kept thinking next week was Thanksgiving week and was so excited for the break from work for a few days.
But then I checked my calendar.
And alas.
I was wrong.

I am having a hard time being in the moment and being peaceful. My mind is constantly running with all the things I have to do. I guess it's just going to be like that awhile. All of these substitute applications, photocopying, then grad school work, starting new jobs and a new schedule...being kind of sick. I am just constantly counting down until the weekend...or a nap...or bed time. Bleh. Exhausted.

I guess it is something to journal, pray, and meditate about.

When I was teaching I couldn't wait to get to "work" everyday. I was glad for the breaks of course, and was so exhausted all the time. But I didn't DREAD everything I had to do, besides my free time, like I do now.

It's time to start finding beauty and peace and joy in everything I am involved in and a part of. I remember I learned once that if you are at your lowest of low...depressed or just sad and angry, whatever.(especially on tough mission trips) Start thanking God for EVERY little thing. Running water. Clean clothes. Sunshine. Pretty Things. Bella. Friends. Etc. So tomorrow we'll start to work on that. Plus tomorrow evening I have my new art class! 3 hours dedicated to something I LOVE.

I tried to do this thankful thing today. The weather was beautiful and I took the new baby out for a long walk in the fresh air. But then apparently my awesome sweater dress (more on that tomorrow) doesn't breathe well so I had to hang out in my bra awhile with the baby afterwards. Note to self: Bring exercise clothes.

Transitions are tough.

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