Thursday, November 25, 2010


Sometimes its tough to be thankful on Thanksgiving. Especially when your fighting unemployment AGAIN, trying to get over being broken hearted, and then managed to catch a cold thanksgiving eve that has left you sleepless and with a raw nose. But despite all of this, I am still thankful.

For my family. My mother who has survived cancer. My father who carried her through it. And my cousin and brother who always kept us laughing despite it all. I am thankful for them helping me to GRADUATE this year. What an accomplishment I didn't do alone. 

Thanksgiving last year. Love this.

Not sure how I would function without my girls. This shows only a few of the loves of my life- but the women in my life MAKE my life. I love you all. Without you. I am nothing. 

Snuggly Beds.
and of course, God.

Always reminding me, I truly am blessed. 

Now, off to try and cook some vegan side dishes without sneezing on them the entire time.

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