Monday, August 23, 2010

Annnnnd the douches are surfacing...

my profile on the creepy online dating site begins with something like...
"These are really difficult to do I explain that I'm educated, like to read, and discuss things without sounding pretentious...and how do I exhibit my love for sarcasm and laughing without scattered LOLs?..." then it continues and I attempt to talk about myself. Ok, I might change it someday...but it seems to be working so whatever.

Some douchebag writes me this today:

You'd sound more educated if you wrote "who's" instead of "whose" when you mean "who is"
WOW. You have serious issues when your pointing out grammar mistakes on a strangers profile. It wasn't even nice, like trying to look out for me, it was just..."your not smart, heres proof". I was going to write back something clever and bitchy, but the last thing I want to do is get into an online debacle with some idiot.

THEN this weirdo starts messaging me, and we're going back and forth kinda silly and funny messages...he asks if we can meet up some time...then I ask him to put more on his profile because he seriously has NOTHING except one picture and a tiny paragraph of sarcasm about he's only 20 and needs some help warranting me meeting him. And HE writes back,
"oh, your one of those insecure impatient girls. nm. nice talking to u, buh bye"
literally, word for word.

OH IM SORRY I dont want to get raped but some old creeper posing as a 20 year old to lure me somewhere and put a roofie in my drink. CLEARLY IM the one with the problems.

In both instances I just delete and move on...I mean, I can bitch back at them, but I am SO much better then that. They aren't even dignified with a response.

Tomorrow I have my date with SS! I am so excited! We are both really looking forward to actually meeting each will be sad if our chemistry when talking isn't there in person. I'm nervous!

Wednesday date with painter.

Friday or Saturday date with a NEW boy. Details to come.

It's not skanky to date more then one boy if I'm not sleeping with any of them right? I's all first dates...if something were to lead somewhere then I would stop seeing other I did with Number 2. So no, not skanky. Just AWESOME.

Worked all day with my babycakes...dinner all night with my girls and obnoxious tired...


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