Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Hotty McNeighbor

So just when I think my self esteem couldn't get any worse, boys start falling in love with me at every turn! And keep telling me I'm beautiful and gorgeous and a sweetheart! What do I even do with that?!

The events: So Annie has a not-so-secret crush on one of the boys who live above her...imagine an apartment full of boys our exact age who are all manly and build things and such...so naturally she got drunk and baked them cookies. And naturally they invited us up for drinks and to hang out. And naturally Annie continued to get drunk to the point that she was a crazy person, and I was pretty much sober after just a few glasses of wine...so she was the crazy fun silly one and I was the witty sexy mysterious one. A role which I play well. So while Annies trying to get all up in the grill of her crush, I just talked and flirted with the other 3 boys who live there. Lo and behold they all pretty much LOVED me, they kept complimenting me and wanting me to stay even if Annie peaced out. The drunk one kept calling me a sweetheart and beautiful and kissed my cheek a few times, haha. Honestly, it was EXACTLY what I needed. One in particular, lets call him Hotty McNeighbor, couldn't keep his eyes off me. And then started sitting real close...then put his arm around me...then put his hand on my leg...all while we were talking about politics and religion and his family and job...I was surprised how comfortable I was talking with him even though I had just met him. He pretty much won me over when he told me he built the furniture in his room, works for fun on Sundays at a farmers market in Santa Monica, and has all these beautiful nieces and nephews hes clearly in love with. Plus more than once he called me sexy, beautiful, and gorgeous. So hes got that going for him. So talking turned into kissing...and then more talking...then more kissing...and things were going so well! He seems like an actual NICE guy who I think would treat me well and take care of me. But then drunk Annie needed me to put her to bed and I knew if I stayed things would get a little too hot and heavy...so I went home like a nice girl. Unfortunately in the scramble he didn't ask for my number. But he knows how to find me. So Miss Mysterious remains intact.

Meanwhile...tomorrow Im going out with a guy who Im not sure if we're dating or are just friends. Last time we spent together was a little weird for me...conversation didnt flow and I couldnt tell if he was into me or not and it was really confusing. I come from a world where you dont really have guy friends, either they're your boyfriend OR you have your girl friends but thats it. And Im fine with that. Why would a guy want to be a girls friend if he didnt want to fuck her? It'd just be a waste of time. Doesnt make any sense to me. He invited me to hang out last week too but I was at the Padres game...so 3 weeks in a row hes wanted to get together on his day off. Thats someone whose into you right? We're going downtown for happy hour somewhere and then he has other mysterious activities planned. Im just excited to hang out with him again and see what happens. But most importantly, I just DONT know what to wear.


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