Monday, August 16, 2010


Who has a date on Thursday with Drums?

After we texted yesterday, I was a little forward and texted him today asking how his day was. He initially said he would call me either today or tomorrow about going out. But still, I dont like texting/calling boys first so it was a big deal. Instead of texting me back, he called me back! We talked about our days and a lot about music...we have the exact same taste, which is HUGE for me. Except he loves the Red Hot Chilie Peppers and I LOATHE them for various reasons I can not get into at this time. But besides that, we had a really great conversation. And he asked what I was doing Thursday we have a date for 7!!! I told him to think of something fun for us to do and he's going to call me Wednesday with the plan. By the looks of his picture, messages, and our conversation...he seems like a genuinely SWEET guy who is totally cute and loves music and has a real job. I'm not really sure how he is single. Not really sure how to deal with this. And unfortunately, as girls will do, I feel like he's going to think I'm fat and not like me. I mean, I have confidence in who I am and I love my hot sexy body (same measurements as Red from Mad Men here), but what if he doesn't? I tried to accurately show myself in the pictures, but what if he pictures me thinner and is bummed? ARG. I need to keep remembering, "If he doesn't want me, then I dont want him!" and thats all there is to it. Besides, pretty much any boy I come across tries to get into my pants I guess it won't be a problem. But is that a sign of attraction or do they just want to touch a girls boobs?

I'm adding a cast of characters to the side panel to help keep track of everyone I frequently mention on here. If I'm missing someone, leave me a comment! I know its annoying to be behind a few posts and not know what Im talking about.


(also probably because I may have a job offer...stay tuned!)

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