Thursday, August 05, 2010

Negligee, Chapter Titles, & FB stalkers.

A Couple of Things

Due to my recent unemployment I've been having a love affair with magazines...ReadyMade, Elle, Glamour, Relevant, Interview, W, and the 2 I got from the library for 50cents Harpers Bazaar and Cosmo. Now, I have never really been into seemed so trite, over sexualized, and low class compared to say...Elle. But oh man, for some reason after this random issue I picked up I am totally in love! It was like hanging out with my really fun girl friends talking about sex, health, fashion, and even unemployment and it was such an easy read I could just turn my brain off and enjoy. So this issue had this big article on things to do when your feeling blah...or something like of them was about getting ready naked in your room and leaving the windows open...or some such, not all the time, just when you want to feel a little sexy and naughty. I get ready naked anyway with the windows kind of open, so instead I decided to try something else fun. Wearing my sexy negligee to garden in my semi private back yard, take out the trash in the front, when I let the dog go the the bathroom in the front. I wear them to bed and around the house, but I used to put on a sweater or sweat pants when I went outside. Not yesterday! Yesterday was a good day! I recommend you trying it.

Yesterday Micah and I were discussing what determines success in a relationship and how it should be a chapter in our book.I've been thinking a lot about it. Is it how the relationship was DURING or how it ended? If its based on how it ended then most of us would have failures unless we're married...but if its based on how it was he made you feel, how you grew, a sweet friendship you got out of it, reaching a new level of intimacy in your heart, being in love and all the joy that comes with it, or just getting some good hot sex...then maybe a "successful" relationship isn't determined by how it ends. I've been thinking a lot about this. Maybe us girls need to redefine how we look at our past relationships. Maybe they didnt all end well, but was the ride worthwhile? Reminds me of the quote I have on a cute postcard in my room,

Today I logged into my FB and surprise! A new stalker awaited me! I had a message with the subject line being "wow..."
here is the message:
"I was looking at who was going to the SD Bike Polo event and... well... I didn't mean to facebook creep you, but your pic really caught my eye. So, excuse me for being forward. Wow... you have a very captivating look."

So this guys profile says hes from Az, which makes no sense why he would message me if he actually wanted to it appears to just be a really nice stalker. Plus, he was kinda cute.

Thank God for random boys who boost your self esteem.


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