Friday, August 27, 2010

A Good Date.

As usual we texted back and forth throughout the day...pretty much established that we're excited about spending another evening together:) I made a yummy dinner, got french bread, and brie for him (because I know he loves it), I even managed to take credit for a dessert brother made. So we met there and walked around the place, helped an old lady after she ATE IT falling on the ground, congratulated ourselves for being the youngest people there, then snuggled in for the cute old Leo Carillo movie. I'm not going to lie...we both laughed and laughed at each other...the weird announcement guy...the movie...we're really funny. And I just felt so comfortable with him...there's no pressure, It's like we've been friends forever. Our "snuggling" only consisted of us laying next to each other and at one point I encircled his arm with him...but after awhile he adjusted himself and I wasn't about to try that again. We were so close to each other talking and laughing, there were many times he could have kissed me, but didn't. Afterwards he sat and chatted until everyone had left...its like he never wants to get rid of me. Then he walked me up the giant hill to my car and we stood there talking/me waiting for him to kiss was seriously like those scenes in the movies where everyone watching is thinking "KISS HER! KISS HER!" but he just doesn't push himself to do it and walks away and everyone exhales in frustration. But I have to admit, the building tension is kind of awesome, just for a KISS. And at the end he said, "well I had fun we should do this again sometime...I mean, if you want to" and of course I said, yes please.

So I think it is fair to say he is into me...he has told me before on AIM that I was beautiful (and then added, I'm sorry, is that too forward?) and when I would say something like, "well if anything we can be awesome friends" he would add "well, lets hope for more then that". SO I think he's just a gentleman? And again...something I really need right now. As much as I want to have sex, the idea of having it with anyone but Number 2 is so weird to me still. I know it will just take time, and time seems to be SS's style.

Again Number 2 texted me asking about the date...then called me and wanted to talk about it. It was weird. I think he is really into this new girl and is torn between us. I asked him not to talk about it with me, especially because its clearly going to hurt me. But the more I've thought about it, the more its obvious thats what it is. To be honost, I don't know how to have him in my life as we are now. He's obsessed with his test and school and I'm trying to see someone else and enjoy my life...I don't even know what to talk to him about anymore. All of my friends keep saying, "Your STILL talking to him?!". I try and ignore his calls and I skip talking to him throughout the's gotten a lot better. Can I just throw this out there? I think he might be crazy. Literally, crazy. Why would you go after some random single mom instead of this hot piece of ass who is already "your best friend"? There has to be something wrong with you. He even asked me, "does this new guy know about me?". Uh, no? You mean, "does this new awesome guy know about your crazy ex who keeps calling you for emotional support?" Yeah, NO.

So tomorrow hopefully SS will text me tomorrow and we can plan something fun for next week:) I kept looking at him and thinking, "wow. I think I might really like you. wow. I really enjoy spending time with you. wow. you are nice to me and think Im funny. wow. we're really fun".

EXCEPT. And this could be a big except. He is DEFINITELY, seriously balding. Yeah thats right...24 years old and has a bald spot on top and a receding's kind of tough to watch. He wore a hat on our first date, probably on purpose because he's self conscious of it, but since I've seen him in Starbucks before I kind of thought it might be an issue. But is it? It doesn't even really bother me...he keeps it pretty short so you can hardly tell. And he dresses well, is cute otherwise, and is so sweet to me I don't even care. Unfortunately I am just worried that my friends and family will give me shit about it if they ever meet him, which is awful. I shouldn't have to worry about that...and I'd like to think most of my friends just want me to be happy. If anything they are just glad to see Number 2 out of the love picture. And more and more everyday, I am too.

Sunday I have the date with The New Guy. I am nervous that I will really like him too and then have to choose between the two...arg.


Nina Goffi said...

oh goodness! your blog is absolutely delicious... I was a very avid online dater and your stories are bringing me back. I wish you the very best of luck! I'm still laughing over the very awkward painter date. How awful!

E said...

Thank you so much! Yeah...its a jungle out there!

E said...

I LOVE your blog too by the way! So pretty! Keep reading, its bound to stay interesting!