Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Awkward Painter: "Please dont touch me, Please dont touch me"

I knew awkward painter was going to be kind of nerdy and well...awkward. So I went into it knowing this full well. As expected...he was weird...but surprisingly, I was still awesome and fun. I got tired of trying to engage him though, I had zero energy for this date after a week of craziness and little patience for someone awkward and weird. We got a drink at an awful bar, then walked around the same town and beach I did last night with SS...that was weird. I kept being afraid we'd run into SS.

I paid for my own drink...because he was too unexperienced to pull off buying it for me (I think he tried? I was too confused by that point) I knew I wasn't interested in him and didn't want him to feel like I was using him for a free drink or anything. I'm not that kind of girl...I won't even flirt with a boy at a bar unless I'm actually interested. I know girls who will just do it for a free drink, which I think is horrible. But I do feel like the guy should pay for the first few dates, but I still always offer to go halfsies just in case. Last night SS paid for EVERYTHING, it was so sweet. And when we were planning our date he kept saying, "whatever you want to do, I'm good for it, don't even worry about it". So cute.

At the end of awkward painter date, he made the mistake of asking me "so would you want to do this again?" and I quickly came up with my token, "yeah, I don't know...I think I might be getting serious with another guy I'm dating...but I will let you know. I had so much fun though, thanks!". He got bummed, I could tell. But WHY would you ask that at the end of the date? Quit being weird!

You know it's a bad date when the entire time we were walking I had my hands in my dress pockets thinking "please dont touch me, please dont touch me". Because once someone holds your hand, how do you get out of it?

I had fun talking about art and getting to know someone new as always, but was ready for the date to be over after about 10 minutes of him being weird and not cute. I hate having to talk the entire's too much work and I am not that interesting. I tried so hard to engage him...sigh. Good luck awkward painter, I know your awkward soul mate is waiting for you somewhere out there.


SS texted me this morning:) "soooo I had a lot of fun last night! If ur lucky we can go out again sometime:)" that last part was a joke playing on something I had said earlier...I'm funny sometimes. We texted back and forth all day like always...then later tonight "we gotta hang out again sometime, yeah?"

So I offered our original plan of going to the old movie in the park on Friday. He was SO excited about it. He used all exclamation points, it was so cute. And then asked if I was up for doing dinner too:) So the plan is, this Friday I am going to bring dinner and prob dessert and he's going to bring the wine. We're going to early to picnic and go on the free tour...
me: can we be dorky and go on the free tour before the movie starts?
SS: Um yeah, I've never been there before I'm totally down!

Then watch the cute old movie under the stars...I REALLY hope some snuggling is involved. I don't even know how to handle a boy that is so slow and's so strange and beautiful at the same time.

BTW we just got done talking on the phone for like...2 hours too. AND HE LOVES MUSEUMS AND HIS MOM OWNS AN EMPTY APARTMENT IN NOTTING HILL!!! Yeah, this is what I'm saying. This could be a good one...besides the pot and atheist thing. arg.

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