Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hikes & Happenings

My version of a hike.

Tomorrow DRUMS and I will be going on a hike for our date at 3pm:) SO excited! and now the dreaded question of WHAT THE HELL DO I WEAR?! On a hiking date?! You may or may not know me...but I am not very outdoorsy. I love to travel and have been in some pretty extreme situations...but I was NOT happy about it. I dont like to complain, but I am fussy. However, I told him he just couldn't laugh at me when I die going up the giant hill...but he said the trail he chose is along the beach and pretty hopefully I won't embarrass myself entirely.

As far as SS goes...look at what I received this morning:
Subject: sorry if i upset you
message: so i dont really like how things went down yesterday. your a cool person and we have so much in common. i think its a waste not to talk. i ll consider smoking less or not smoking if that would make you more comfortable. i think we should talk again. do you ?

then he messaged me while I was reading other boys who want to go out with me and asked if I wanted to talk or no? I told him I was still thinking about it. He apologized again. And I thought about it AWHILE. Then decided it couldn't hurt to at least hang out with the guy. He wasn't pressuring me to, but I dont want to just cut him off without ever having met him. We really do have a lot in common, and have great talks. And I truly think if anything, we would be awesome friends. If we were just friends he could smoke all the live long day and I wouldn't care.

Also, date on monday with the painter! Despite a semi awkward conversation tonight on the phone, I still decided to go for it. I just need to go on some dates!

So lets see...tomorrow Drums...Monday Painter...another day next week with SS. HOT COMMODITY.

I feel good about myself today.

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