Friday, August 06, 2010

The Makeout

So, yes I'm going through a post-my heart is broken-I am so lonely-time in my life. And yes, this means I flirt with any cute and single boy and have made out with 2 stranger boys in like...3 weeks. Which isn't totally uncommon for some girls my age, but for me and many other girls my age, it is. Recall Hotty McNeighbor boy who lives upstairs from Annie...who never asked for my number...and whom I've seen twice since then and he always says hi and "good to see you!" and whatever...but still hasn't asked for my number or invited me or us to come and hang out. And note, we didn't JUST make out...we talked the entire evening about a variety of things...he even used the line, "so...what do you like in a guy?" (BTW is this a line or is this legit? I feel like hes not cool enough to pull a line like that)...and, "this is so funny, dont people usually try not to talk about politics and religion on the first date? and here we are." so there was some reference about this resembling a first date. we talked all evening and only made out for the last...oh...30 minutes on and off. So it wasn't just a drunken kiss fest (like the brazilian;). So now I am wondering...girls, are we doing this backward? Are we making out with boys BEFORE an actual date and then expecting something afterwards? I mean, its not sex so its not at all the same...but maybe my problem was expecting something from this. I mean, kissing Brazilian in the night club was one thing...of course I don't expect anything from that...but kissing a boy you chatted with all night and was super into you is totally another, right?

I accidentally told my mom we didn't just talk all night, that we also made out...she was so concerned it was so cute. "Now aren't you taking things backwards? I don't want to appear...loose" Yeah...actual words of my mother. HIlarious. (Especially since I was the opposite of "loose" when someone wanted something more but this someone said, "NO, Im a lady!")

But culturally nowadays does the make out come before the dates or vice versa? Does it matter? Should I stop making out with boys I actually want to date me? How do we feel about turning my brain off and just seeing what happens? Because GOOD LORD I get tired of overanalyzing.

PS update on events:
-did P90X with Annie yesterday right around quitting time with all the windows and doors open just in case SOME PERSONS decided to come home while we were kicking and punching all sweaty-like.

-the one room mate we DIDNT make out with asked Annie to sew on his button just now (so cute) and then invited us to the races with them this evening. But it was more of a "we're going to the races, you should come!" invite...which doesn't really count. And wasn't from either said boys. Plus I have awesome plans tonight I do not plan on breaking.

-Told Annie to be brave and invite them for a BBQ tomorrow night since they have a BBQ and we have a patio and we've already discussed the marriage that should take place. We'll see what happens.

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