Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shady Spot

Moving out might not work out...variety of reasons, including me not having a job and needing to save for at least a few months before I can get outta here. It'll happen...I just need to continue to be patient. Speaking of job, things are looking up! Another interview tomorrow and Ill hear back from a job tomorrow too. Both are only 2 days a even if I get both (Please!) I'll still need more hours. I'm also hoping to get connected to a M/W/F job...something has to work out soon. It feels like forever...and Im so tired of being poor and bored. Its hard to enjoy your unemployment when your broke and feel so pressured to just sit and look for jobs all day that dont exist.

No online date prospects yet. None of the cute boys responded to me yet and But I have had 2 emails and these other weird "winks" from unattractive ones...which is still nice I guess.

Have been doing some thinking lately. I have time, obviously. Bella and I go for a long walk pretty much everyday...I find its the only thing that motivates and rejuvenates me...when we get to shady grassy lawns Bella jumps onto them and lays down for a rest. Its pretty much the cutest thing ever, especially because its the same lawns every time. Shady spots. During these long hot walks when you're so thirsty and tired...all of a sudden a shady spot comes up. And as long as you need to sit there, you can. Before you get back up and keep walking. I decided my summer of unemployment is my shady spot. Hardest year of my extra hot and uphill part of my walk...I've needed this summer time to recuperate. Time to sleep. Read. Craft. Watch Movies. Take care of mom. See friends and family. Cook. Garden. Bake. Fall out of love.

Movies have been making my cry a lot lately. Cried at the end of Crazy Heart and Secret Life of Bees today...actually cried the entire last half hour of each movie. Since Im pretty sure its not hormonal, I think its just one of the side effects of being in a shady spot.

until next time.

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