Wednesday, August 11, 2010


A lot has been happening, but nothing super exciting quite yet so I havent updated. First of all, I changed the background on here for a little switch up, created a twitter account, and added a counter to see how much my blog is being viewed. WHEW! 51 people in just a few days! A few of those were myself installing the changes...but otherwise, you guys are awesome! Who are you reader? Do you know me or are you strangers admiring from afar? Either way, I love you. Keep reading. Things are about to get even more interesting.

So. Something happened today. I may or may not have re-signed up for the free online dating site I met Number 2 and the other guys I dated last fall on. Besides the occasional set backs...I am really getting over him and think some dates with other men would do me some good. Plus, before the dates comes the awkward messages from boys exclaiming, "your really beautiful" and such...I can certainly deal with some of that. hehe. I sat looking at the welcome page for a really long time before actually creating my profile. So many memories. And it hurt to have to admit that I was going to date someone else. But it really is time. For now its just an in between until I can afford to join which I heard is more legitimate. So what does this mean? It means more drama. enjoy.

Also: I had an interview for a job today! yay! Its just for a Tuesday/Friday job with a cute little itty bitty baby and a 5 year old. She loved me and wasn't shy about it, but said she was interviewing another woman who had tons of infant experience. But I still have a chance if our personalities match better then the other ladies. Plus, Im a teacher...and they are too...they loved that. Hopefully her friend will have other days for me M/T/W so I can fill my week. Please Jesus! I need a job so...

Im might moving out!!! Ok, its not totally official yet. But Annie and Sara want to move out of their place...I want to move...and uncles condo is available 2 blocks from the beach and 2 blocks from fun things in our little beach city. SO us 3 girls and Hammy the Hamster and Bella my doggie are looking to move in mid September into the little 2 bedroom! However, first and formost I need a job asap. And we need to check it out and make sure the 3 of us could live there without killing each other. Plus, its right by the train that goes by at 5am...I dont think its that bad and we'll get used to it...but still. Again, please Jesus give me a job!

In other news, me and Annie have been enjoying watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy the last few nights. Teen Jeopardy to be exact. And I totally dominate. We're turning into old women.


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