Tuesday, August 17, 2010

SS & Jobs

Me and Stoney Starbucks (SS) were getting along so well! We were chatting online lots and even made plans to go to a movie in the park next Friday. I was starting to really like him and I was excited to be his friend. Then he brought up the pot smoking thing again...and again I told him I wasn't really interested in dating someone like that. hahaha he got all defensive and freaked out and "doesn't want to waste my time anymore". He genuinely tried to convince me that since it made him happy it was ok that he smoked everyday. He was SERIOUS. I tried to be so nice about it...and told him he can do whatever he wants, its just not my thing. Based on people I know and experience. I mean...every once in awhile is one thing...but EVERYDAY?! Then he tried to tell me I was conservative and I just started laughing at that point. How immature do you have to be to try and argue with a girl (that you totally are into) that smoking everyday is perfectly fine? He was really nice and everything, I think he was mad that I was willing to just drop everything because he smoked everyday. Uh yeah...I can find an awesome guy who DOESNT smoke everyday and is happy based on other things...ya freak.

A painter and I have also been corresponding. Mostly about art and such...we have a lot in common and live in the same area. He asked if we could get a drink sometime:) I am SO busy this weekend, so I said maybe next week. Another boy is writing with me too...I am well loved Stoney Starbucks, YOUR the one who needs to get a clue.

lets see...date Thursday with Drums...Friday night movie in the park with Melissa and Micah...and Chargers game on Saturday with Annie! woohoo! Excited for the weekend!

PLUS tomorrow I have a temp job (money for the weekend!) and I was offered a long term nanny job M/W!!! yayyyy! I start on Monday! So now I am trying to secure a position for the rest of the days of the week. I'm a little irritated...just as I have decided to give up on full time nanny jobs and build up part time ones...a bunch of full time jobs came up on the sites and agencies I use. Like 5-7 jobs! There have hardly been ANY all summer! arg. Oh well, theres a lot of competition for those and I think I can snag this temp job into being long term. Please Jesus!

Tomorrow Drums should be calling about our Thursday date:)

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Zabrinah said...

Oh my gosh!!! I'm so happy I found your blog.

Not only are you a great blogger, but I really love this post! I've totally been in the same situation with a guy who had habits that I didn't exactly want in my life...

Goodness, it turns out a mess....
That's what my whole blog is about..


Best wishes from one blogger to another,