Saturday, August 07, 2010

The Conversation.

Interaction with Hotty McNeighbor.

This is how it went according to me:

him: hey! your looking good!
me: YOUR looking good!

Actual conversation according to Annie who witnessed said event:

him: hey! you again!
me: YOUR looking good!

Besides that, apparently this morning Annie and the roomies all witnessed him walking a girl down the stairs on her walk of shame and then he turned back to flash all my friends a huge smile. Soooooo pretty sure this ones not going anywhere. I even considered "lowering" my standards for someone who isnt necessary SO super hot, but seemed sweet and like he would be nice to me so it was ok (think, Shes out of your League...not, damn this girls a bitch). Apparently even when I do that it doesn't work out.

In other news, Number 2 keeps calling, texting, and IMing me. And of course its NEVER the conversation I want it to be, "I miss you, I want to be with you, Im sorry, Im going to change because your worth it". No. of course not. Its always to just talk about his stupid GMAT or grad school or something...which ok, I do care about his life...thats just not the conversation I want him to call me about. And then lately I went to see Inception with a male friend of mine, and Number 2 got all fussy because apparently he wanted to see it with me and acted like we're movie buddies...which we were...WHEN I THOUGHT HE LOVED ME AND WANTED TO BE WITH ME. But now? I'm supposed to just wait around for him to invite me to things? so frustrating. and its even harder because I still have feelings for him. I still really want to have sex, and only with him. I still want to move somewhere with him. I still...want to marry him...ok, still (love) him. But dont tell me that, because Im getting over it. Slowly but surely. Its just really hard when he keeps calling and flirting with me all the time.

dear boys, as suck.

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