Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hikes, Jobs, and HAWAII!!!

You may be asking yourself, WHY is there a beautiful picture of Kauai, Hawaii on here? WELL let me explain. Remember I got a job on MW for a family? And then I've been also working for this temp job whose nanny was having an emergency? WELL the temp job offered me a 30hr/week position today! Their old nanny has just been sucking and has been out for a month so they were just finally over it. But they are offering me less money per hour...and today I was on an interview for a T/TH job that I will prob get. So I would have 30hrs/week between the MW and T/TH jobs but with more hourly pay. BUT the T/TH job was 40minutes away without traffic...annnnd if I wanted to do anything with the little guy (which I do!) it'd all be at least 2 hours away. So I proceeded to freak out all day. I analyzed what to do over and over again. I was shaking at one point...and my tummy hurt at other points. Then mom helped me calculate everything out...and realized it was about the same amount of pay in the end (they were going to throw in a gas card to help bump up the pay) annnd they offered to bump up my pay after a 6 month review. So after thinking and thinking and talking to lots of different people about what to do. I just did it. I called the MW job and told her IM SO SORRY I KNOW YOU HATE ME via voicemail (thank God she didn't pick up). And I took the job with my little babycakes baby R! I love that baby so much, Im so excited to see him tomorrow. Im also super excited to see him grow up over the next year...its going to FLY by. All of a sudden he'l be eating solid foods and walking...oh man. So another perk of this job, is that. well. They are taking me to. yes. HAWAII. Kauai to be exact. What about expenses? PAID. Are they going to pay you too? YES. Will you have time off? YES. Do you love your life? YES. We go next month. NEXT MONTH.

Also, had the hike date today with Drums. Poor Drums. As soon as I saw him I knew it wasn't going to happen. Somehow he looked and acted SO MUCH like my super ex bf from high school who I am NOT attracted to at all anymore. He even talked and laughed like him. It was weird. Plus, he ended up being a year or so younger then me and was already kind of immature. Not as cute as his pictures. Wore loose levis and old middle school looking vans (not cool old ones)...and a necklace...and a was upsetting. BUT he was so cute and had this backpack all packed with water for each of us, sunscreen, and a veggie subway sandwich for us to share! We had good conversation, it wasn't awkward, and we just gushed about music lots. I actually had a good time, but it was more like hanging out with a weird friend...not anything romantic.

After the emotional day and SUPER strenuous hike in this horrible heat...I am DONE. I dont even know how Im going to get up so early tomorrow. But I will, because its my first day of work!!!

my body hates life.

Also...Number 2 found out about my date and kept texting me funny things. Asking about the guy. I was laughing. Then invited me out tonight, but made sure to say it would just be as friends. I said no for many reasons...including Im SO tired and have to work in the am. Then he said, "so since your dating, am I allowed to date too?"
me: I would rather neither of us were dating other people but someone in this conversation doesn't so that doesn't leave me a lot of options does it?
Number 2: (silence)
me: ok well good night...

me and SS are still chatting...i just wish he didn't smoke so much pot and wasn't an atheist. Annie made a valid point today, "So WHY are we still talking to him?"

because Im lonely and he is filling the bestie void Number 2 left.
And because Im not that invested, I can peace at any time.
so there.

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