Saturday, August 21, 2010


This is my new bestie Crash. I get to play with him and walk him everyday with the baby. I think he looks like a Margaret so sometimes I call him that. He's so funny! I LOVE MY JOB.

SS and I have continued to chat and text over the last few days. Its been really nice actually. Sometimes when I go to text Number 2 something...I purposely decide to text SS instead. Still trying to get me and Number 2 in the friendship zone as much as possible. Its still weird, because the more separation we have the more I get over him...but also the more sad I am that we aren't together. I'm assuming its just going to take time, like anything else. SS set our date for Tuesday...I asked him to plan it, so we'll see how it goes. I'm getting really excited to meet him...I'll just be sad if our awesome chemistry isn't there when we meet. I have all these fun things I want to do with him since he's new to San Diego. Plus, this guy is really into me. He is really excited to meet me and is so sweet. I'm so nervous! Annie already has tomorrow planned for us: go stalk the neighbor she likes at Vitamin World and then off to Starbucks to stalk SS. Don't worry, I vetoed.

I'm having a fantastic weekend! I'm a little tired...but am trying to get enough sleep and alone time to balance out all the fun. Yesterday was my first official day with my new permanent family:) It was long, but I had a great day with baby R. I just continue to feel SO STINKIN blessed that I have found such a sweet family, we just all adore each other. I already feel like we're family. And baby R? are you kidding? Hes totally the new love of my life. Last night the movie night was a blast with Micah and Melissa...there is just something so wonderful about hanging out with girls...let alone single girls. I just adore it. Of course the said event would have been great with a date, but I think I equally enjoy my girl time now. Such progress.

Then today Annie and I went to the Chargers game! My first one! Oh man, it was such a spectacle. HIlarious people from all over jumbled together in mayhem. We only made it to half time. But it was pretty great. Not going to lie, probably won't go again since I didn't understand or was able to see 80% of what was going on...but hey, it was free entertainment with my Annie!

Tomorrow, clean the house for titi's visit Monday. REST. and book club. Titi Bambi (my Aunt) is coming for moms LAST week of chemo. LAST WEEK!!!! By Christmas, mom should have her hair back:) It should be a good week...2 dates...I work 3 days...and titi will make us yummy spanish rice and tell us funny stories. Hope mom hangs in there though, we're all dreading Monday but excited for it to be the last stretch before the finish line.

Annie in her awesome hat to protect her sensitive ginger skin from the SUPER HOT sun. Who tailgates in the middle of summer without shade?!

Watching the game:)

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