Sunday, August 08, 2010


So today T & C got married! Sooooo T is Cassies ex bf...and T's brother is my ex it was kind of weird going in. I was nervous. The people there were weird, to say the least. BUT they had open bar with wine and beer and mixers (if you had a flask...which of course I did) and I looked pretty fricken hot, so I felt ok for the most part. However...after a few glasses of wine the "why am I alone?!" and "why doesnt he love me?!" started up again and I almost cried a few times during the reception. Yeah...I was that girl. Poor Annie...she kept catching me staring into space being a psycho and wondering if I was ok. Nope, not ok...but I will be someday, hopefully. Then this happened:

Me: note to self: dont go to a wedding without a date where ur ex bf is with his gf. I feel bad about myself:(
Number 2: why
me: weddings make single girls with their ex bfs and their gfs in attendance feel ugly and like theyll be alone forever. I wish i was allowed to bring a date and make you be nice to me for a night. annnnnd Im drunk so sorry if im offensive in any way at this time.
Number 2: they are all jealous that u have a rockin smile and...*****
me: valid point. thanks.

me (later): do you not love me because Im not good at sex? I wonder this almost everyday
Number 2: no. because im selfish and didnt see a great thing and beauty in front of me
me: u break my heart everyday.

sorry Im a failure girls and texted him all drunk like. I AM THE WORST. I really do wonder if Im not good at sex and thats why things are the way they are...I wonder whats wrong with me and why he doesnt love me...I wonder how I could have been better...if I was skinnier...when Im sane I know that I did nothing wrong. That Im awesome and beautiful. That he chose the GMAT and grad school over me and thats why Im so hurt. That I made the right decision ending things because he wasn't treating me right. That I am worth more than that. But weddings and wine and ex boyfriends make it so damn difficult to be sane.

Annie and Jordan looking HOT

Me and the GROOM! Love it!

"Its just hard to go to a wedding and go to a wedding with your ex boyfriend and his new girl there"- Me
"yeah, but your not alone, your with your girls!"- Cassie

Love them

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