Saturday, December 11, 2010

Adventures in LA LA Land Day 1: LACMA

SURPRISE! I am writing to you from my NEW! NEW! NEW! Macbook Pro!!!

Quite the surprise for me too as I just went to go use my computer this morning and got another hard drive error message. I have been up and down with that piece of crap mac just hated life and I just wanted it dead. The Apple store lady was like..."well your hard drive and CD drive and other internal things are not its like 4 years might just be time for a new one". Mom agreed. So I bought one. Just right then and there. At the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. Which took me like an hour to get to because of getting lost and the parking debacle that is "I'm too poor to pay more than quarters for parking LA". Technically I was only supposed to be like 15 minutes away. Oh, the city.

THEN it was time for my adventure at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)! I took myself on a date to see a preview screening of Rabbit Hole, a beautiful film I've been really looking forward to seeing with Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart. Based on a pulitzer prize winning play, it hit pretty close to home for my family, and was so wonderfully acted...a real treat. Seriously, go see it now. Plus there was a Q&A afterwards with the director and playwright, annnnd it doesn't even come out in theatres until next weekend! The ticket included entry to the museum, so I got there early and just got to see the loveliest things.

I must say, one of my better planned days ever...

 The entry way sculpture is just wonderful.

First things first, climb as high as possible and see the LA skyline. Oh PS, there was a wind storm and it was SO FUN!

 A part of one of my favorite HUGE pieces. This is only half. 

 Really neat.

I like to call this, "The Broken Egg Series- A self portrait" ha. 

 I couldn't help it. Yep, thats MJ and his monkey Bubbles. Enshrined forever. 

 Always love me some Warhol.

Then they had this FANTASTIC fashion through the centuries walk through with a dress from every time period. Just amazing. Plus a little creepy.

Then the rooms were pink and mirrored and I was in heaven.

More adventures tomorrow, stay tuned!


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