Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Favorite Things: Music of the Year

My picks for hands down best music of the year. Ok...some of them are from last year, but they were SO good I've been listening to them this year too!

Go buy NOW.

Azure Ray
Drawing Down the Moon
Got to see this lovely duo for my birthday back in October with Miss Micah. 
Just AMAZING and SO talented. Plus, some of my break up music for the year....
even though I promise it isn't all depressing. 

Cee lo Green
The Lady Killer
 This has been my JAM! Besides the ever popular "Fuck You", 
the entire album is just fantastic. Motown meets...something else awesome.

Mumford & Sons
Sigh No More
 Mumford and Sons have a pretty popular hit right now, "Little Lion Man", 
but the rest of the album is really pretty delectable as well. 

Noah and the Whale
The First Days of Spring
 My other break up album, Noah and the Whale. Their previous album was all 
about falling in love, which I did in fact listen to while falling in love, and
 conveniently when his back up singer broke up with him for Mumford from 
Mumford and Sons...he wrote this album. And trust me, it is a GEM. 
And surprisingly hopeful. 

The Black Keys
Ohhhhh this was SO good too!!! I still listen to this ALL the time even now to.  
Sexy bluesy rock. mmmm sign me up. 

Sufjan Stevens
All Delighted People
 I remember when I saw that this existed and couldn't BELIEVE 
Sufjan finally put out another album. Its been years we have been 
neglected by this genius of sorts. So grab it up now. 

The National
High Violet
 Oh, SO good. It's hard to pick a favorite from this already
 favorite list...but this just might win. I know every lyric from listening to it 
over and over again. Beautiful vocals and lyrics...just a dream of a listen. 

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