Monday, December 13, 2010

Slovakia: The Winter Look

This is what we're dealing with in Slovakia:

I am not at ALL prepared. Whenever I tell people my clothing choice ideas, they laugh at me.

See my desired looks below:
Both via The Sartorialist 

GORGEOUS. However, I do understand I have to be realistic I will need to wear flat waterproof boots (see ridiculous amounts of snow described above) to work...not to play...AND the coat debacle continues since I am allergic to wool AND down. But I refuse to be one of those awkward looking mid western women with a puffy coat and big furry man boots. So I just ordered these babies from Zappos.

But the quest for the coat continues. Besides being allergic to wool and down, I need something that is extremely warm AND can handle these double D's and belts to reflect my hot and sexy hourglass figure. 

I kind of just want this.

Lets bring a little Carrie Bradshaw to Slovakia, shall we?

I guess I wasn't too far off in Espana.

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Catherine Ava said...

Really pretty pictures nice post :) fashion collective.blogspot