Saturday, December 04, 2010

Blog Love.

So you all set up your AMAZING google reader, right?

Add these.

Holiday Matinee This lovely site has a regular contributor I kind of know, and it is just wonderful. Full of new sweet things, music, reads, videos...just everything awesome.

Music of Two Thousand And Ten Two words: FREE MUSIC. And whats even better, its another friend of a friends best picks for 2010. Oh, I just love hand selected music by good people, dont you? 

Downtown From Behind Such a fantastic concept! Beautiful pictures. Beautiful cities. From behind! Go see for yourself! 

Self Service Magazine Funny inspiring tumblr blog. Pretty Things to the max.  

Hyperbole and a Half Probably one of my favorite blogs right now, SO HILARIOUS I sit by myself and laugh so loud I am afraid my neighbors will think I am a crazy person. Especially this one

What I Wore This has been INSPIRING me more then any of the high fashion or street fashion blogs I follow. Affordable daily fashions from a cute girl in the midwest. Just switch up what you already have in your closet! Right?

My Love For You Just lots of pretty inspiring things you won't be able to get enough of either. 

Anne Sage This is the doll I won the free night at the Ace from, you will also love!

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