Wednesday, December 15, 2010

LA Has Got Me, On My Knees...

"LA has got me, on my knees..."- The Black Keys

Welp, home again.

Adventures are over...for now.

I have approximately 3 weeks until I leave for Slovakia.
During which time I need to pack up and move...AGAIN...ugh.
Make everyone Christmas presents with my broke ass.
See the hoards of friends coming into town during Christmas.
Attempt to pack my life into 3 suitcases.

Oh Lord.

Fun Fact! It costs $130 to fedex documents to Slovakia...not even overnight, 5 days. $130. Ew.

Tomorrow I am going to observe a kinder class where I student taught last spring. I am SO excited. Should help me to get lots of ideas for my class in Slovakia. Especially since I haven't observed or taught lower then 2nd grade before, so this should help me to feel more confident. From what I hear, its pretty easy and super fun. I just need a little boost.

I need to relax and get into the Christmas spirit. There's just SO much to dooooooo

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