Monday, December 06, 2010

Well NOW What Do I Do?!

Welp, today was a VERY big day for lil ol me.

SO overwhelmed with my future life decisions now.

This morning I got the contract for Slovakia, yay! It seems like a great opportunity for an amazing experience. Basically I just need to get the paperwork filled out and buy my ticket for January 6th to start teaching Kindergarten in my OWN classroom on the 10th! So that was exciting.

BUT THEN I get a call from my nanny agency telling me I am a top candidate for the high profile family, which is a DREAM job as well. It is me against one other girl. They LOVED me apparently. This job would be guaranteed for at least 5 years...and this family basically owns most of my city...they would get me MAJOR connections for anything after that. It also pays more then...well ANYTHING I have and would ever come across. Even if I were to teach here. For several years. Still more then that. Plus, regular bonus' and I would imagine some perks. I'd be a nanny/family assistant for 2 boys aged 5 & 10. The only draw backs are that...well, I wouldn't be living and travelling in Europe. I would get vacation time I imagine...but probably only 2 weeks a year like normal people. PLUS the hours are 3p-10p and  I'd be working every other weekend (then would have Monday off on those weeks).  So then what about a Social life? Dating? Anything?

The high profile wasn't planning on doing trials and making a decision until mid January...when I'm supposed to be IN Slovakia. So my agency is trying to move my trial up...but a decision still wouldn't be made until around then.

So what the HELL do I do now?

I know I would love teaching and living in Slovakia, I really would. BUT it would probably be short most 2-3 years if I could handle living there that long. It would be such a grand adventure. I would get to travel more, which is totally my thing, probably meet lots of lovely people and handsome Euro men.

But then again, this job here would be an amazing opportunity. I would make a lot of money, build credit, could buy a car (besides the one I get to use while working, ahem), make connections, invest in a CAREER here, and it would also be a fun job taking cute kids around the city to do cool things. I wouldn't have to move AGAIN and would be able to stay working here where I grew up. I was even thinking I could move down closer to Micah and live IN the city so there would be more fun things to do late at night and on my weekends off. I could even join that fancy expensive "It's Just Lunch" dating service?

So I think I am going to process my paperwork for Slovakia...maybe let them know the situation...and try and do a trial with the fancy family next weekend.

Any opinions? I need help.


PS: Thanks Jesus for taking care of me. I am beyond BLESSED.

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