Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sloppy Seconds?

So tonight was Annies lovely Christmas party, and while I am fighting a cold, it actually really helped to drink some wine and numb my sore throat and head awhile laughing with friends. Things were good until Hotty McNeighbor showed up...of course he was invited, but we haven't had a real conversation since...well, since that night and then I never heard from him again. Thank goodness for alcohol otherwise it would have been really awkward, but we settled for sufficiently awkward for the first while and later had fun laughing over games and drunk Annie.

Annie was flirting UP A STORM with him...but its hard to tell when she's just messing around. And he kept looking at me. Then when he left he gave me a lingering hug and said, "bye gorgeous".
So something was there. Oh...and tomorrow hes making us an Oyster feast because hes apparently some broker for an Oyster farm and he sells to all the fancy seafood restaurants so its a huge treat. I've never had them before, so its bound to be interesting.

So heres the question, if Annie makes out or hooks up with him...its WEIRD right?

I mean...I am not crazy here.

Or does it not matter? Is it just kissing.

Only having drunk lame sex with your ex once in the last 7 months makes for a dangerous lady. Annnnd even that was back in August.

At one point tonight Annie said, "You know, you could just have sex with Hotty McNeighbor"

"Oh I know, I totally already thought about that"

And I had.
But vetoed the idea immediately since I am really only attracted to his bulging biceps.

Plus, Im trying to wait and fall in love abroad with a hot euro with an accent.

Please be a brit or a Frenchie. I would DIE.

And please let it be someone who can wear ass hugging jeans, scarves AND throw me around in the bedroom. Oh, pretty please.

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