Monday, December 13, 2010

Adventures in LA LA Land Day 3 & 4: Laziness Sets In.

Yesterday was pretty lovely...just slept in, cuddled with the dogs and watched tv, then went to dinner with my long lost love and writer of A Day in the Life plus her hubby and friends. We went to this fab restaurant called The Hudson in West Hollywood. Definitely the kind of place I would be a regular at if I lived up here...beautiful inside with a sweet menu and unique drink list. And apparently a sweet place to spot celebs. One of our guests was Robert Pazornik, one of those young Silicon Valley guys who started up with the Facebook and YouTube that was a little exciting. Oh man, so LA.

Today I was going to go either to one of the pretty parks that are right around where I am staying OR visit the Santa Monica pier and go shopping again at the Promenade. However...neither of those things got done. Between constantly getting lost, the traffic, and then trying to find parking...I was just burnt out.  I DID some Law and Order CI...order winter boots for Slovakia...bake I just made a pizza. So it wasn't entirely unproductive.

I was just thinking of how I really needed this vacation. I mean, we all know the ridiculous amount of drama in my life the last year, and I remember I kept telling myself throughout it all...I just really need a vacation. So even though I had "things to do" while I was up here and they didn't really get done...thats just the perks of being on vacation. I can just do it when I get home. Also the perks of being unemployed upon getting home.

I have a lot to do over the next few weeks. Fun is ahead as the loves of my life will all be in town from far far away, but I still need to get organized to move my shit back home. Shop for some actual warm clothes and toiletries I know I will miss once I'm in Slovakia. And try and put some Christmas gifts together with ZERO budget.

So although I head back home tomorrow, back to the land of "to do"lists and busyness. I have the feeling this was just the mini vacation I needed to get me through it all.


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