Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Could I Order Another Day Like This One, Please?

Yesterday was perfect.

Like A Dream.

PAG stayed over the night before and went to work for a few hours in the morning before coming back. We were both tired so we just...went back to bed. For the entire rest of the day. This is what Im saying!!! We watched my favorite movie of all time, Almost Famous, and then fell asleep...we would wake up and fool around (obviously)...then cuddle and talk, then fall asleep again. THE BEST DAY EVER. Finally we got hungry and decided to venture out into public, he planned an evening for us at a yummy restaurant and then to get treats at the store and eat them at home back in my bed.  So we drank wine and ate an assortment of cookies and cake in my bed all snuggled up. Talked about philosophy. Laughed a lot because we both have all these funny voices we do absent mindedly.

Then we went to sleep wrapped up in each other like at any moment one of us would disappear.

Not going to lie, after jerk face Number 2 I am constantly in shock at what a gentleman PAG is. Always offering to do things for me, opening doors, stands up when I come to the table, puts on my coat, insists on paying, constantly complimenting me, calls and texts me. With Number 2 I felt like my self confidence dissipated every time I saw him or spoke with him for a number of reasons, with PAG its like my self confidence soars through the roof. Every time he looks at me its like Im the most beautiful girl in the world. He'll be talking to me and forget mid sentence what hes saying. But he's so genuine about it I can hardly handle it. Number 2 would tell me things but I knew it was because he wanted something...sex or my friendship...and because he had been with so many girls I constantly felt like he was comparing me to them. Which he probably was.

Plus, PAG is so helpful! He just wants to fix things for me and offers to do things for me, I am overwhelmed! He is happily going offering his truck and strong manly arms to help move me back home Friday, who is this guy? Including buttering my muffin, which OMG I have never met a man who actually asks if I want it, and loves to make me happy.

However, once again. Im moving to fucking Slovakia. Which I am still just THRILLED about. I am so glad its open ended and that I am for sure home in 6 months. I just hate not knowing whats going to happen with PAG and I. And every time I bring it up he just gets sad and says, "Can we just not talk about it?". So I dont know whats going to happen. But I guess thats part of the ride.

Who knew I would meet the man of my dreams at a Postal Annex 2 weeks before I was set to move out of the country?

In other news, Ive been cuddled so much that my left upper back is DONE. So old lady is currently on pain pills with the heating pad in bed right now. Ridic.

I lovelove.

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