Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Officially: The Best First Date Ever. AKA "The Click"

I think it might have happened again. The Click.



I just had a date with the most wonderful man....turns out Postal Annex Guy (PAG) is amazing.

We met to see The Kings Speech, which was fantastic by the way, and actually a really good first date movie because I could tell his tastes and historical education by our conversations during and afterwards AND there wasn't any awkward sex or weird stuff in it. He'd already bought our tickets when I got there, and then got us a soda to share...which I had like one sip since I dont drink soda anymore- but it was too cute, I didn't have the heart to tell him. We chatted during the previews and movie...and friends, the "awkward I dont know you-this is a first date-are you going to hold my hand? Do I want you too? I am uncomfortable" weirdness that is typically in place during my regular first dates...was NOWHERE to be found. We got along so well and I was very comfortable and relaxed--- that also may be in part to my new found "I am fine alone, but a relationship would be nice" confidence and freedom too. And for the second half of the movie he held my hannnnnd and rubbed my leggggggg and it was so niiiiiice.

After the movie he walked me to my car and we had a PERFECT first kiss in the rain with the wind swirling my something right out of The Notebook. Seriously! I am not always a first date kisser...unless we really connect I definitely veto. CONNECTION MADE. Plus, he is an excellent kisser. Since it was pouring, I drove him to his car....but then we just ended up sitting in my car talking and kissing on and off for like...uh...2 hours?

You know what was sweet? We just MADE OUT. No clothes were even taken off. And he just kept complimenting me all night, I was slightly taken aback. And it was very sweet compliments, not the "I am trying to get into your pants" compliments. I was surprised. Still wary! Don't worry! I havent fallen completely off my rocker just yet!

He invited me "to see his house" and even if he was genuine about not wanting me to come inside and sleep with him I just knew I wouldn't be able to handle it. I was already super turned on making out and REMEMBER how I've only had sex once in like...7 MONTHS.

I just got home...its like 2am and I had the longest and weirdest day ever so I am exhausted. But I just couldn't wait to tell you all!!!!

Good First Dates CAN happen to good people.

Annnnnnd he just called me to make sure I got home ok, say good night, and confirm our plans for tomorrow. He's going to bring me lunch and grade papers while I make Christmas presents.

Somebody liiiiiikes meeeeeeee...


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