Thursday, December 09, 2010

The News.

WELL I made a decision.

Sorry for the late notice, but I've been running around all day due to said decision.

As you may have guessed,

Slovakia is calling. 

And I am off and away January 6th to start work January 10th!

This morning I got the email from the school saying they couldn't extend my start time, January 10th was the only option if I wanted the job. So I sat in bed. For an hour. Just thinking and thinking and weighing both job options. I even just asked God, JUST TELL ME WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO! In the end, as a single 25 year old extrovert...I just could NOT do every night and every other weekend with the standard 2 weeks of vacation every year. The money was tough to walk away from, as well as being able to "stay" here close to my few friends left in the area and my family. But as soon as I hung up with the agency telling them my decision...I did a HAPPY DANCE around my room because I was SO excited to go to Slovakia and have adventures around Europe PLUS have my own classroom.
That's when I knew I made the right decision. 

I have had to be really honost with myself though, because I know I am going to miss my mom, family, Bella, and friends here so much. I am going to miss knowing the language everywhere I go. Driving by the ocean every day. SUNSHINE everyday. My record player...trinkets I've collected from my travels...being able to just text my friends like its nbd.

But its time for an adventure.

New people. New boys. New places. New dream job.

It'll all be on here loves.

Oh, The Places We'll Go...

All images from my future home<3

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