Thursday, December 02, 2010

Funny Things


me: Sometimes I worry that you just can't entertain yourself.
Annie: I know, I watched you sleep while I ate a banana for like 5 minutes earlier.

me to self: I just really want something fresh and green (for lunch)...taco salad from Taco Bell it is!

me: Ugh, Bella what smells?
Bella: My foot. I stepped in poop earlier and then trailed it everywhere.

Annie: Hey! I like your deer!
Random girl at bar with decorative deer: Thanks, I just stole it from the Hyatt

Micah: Have you been watching the Office lately?
Me: No, I've just been really busy blogging. 

Me the nanny: Every time I try and put you in the car seat I !@#$^BANG^@$$&@...bang your head...
Baby: cry. 

Yet ANOTHER reason Annie is the BEST

Yep, thats me on the left. 

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