Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Why You Should ALWAYS Dress Up For The Postal Annex

Today began as any ordinary day, had to venture to the postal annex across the street to send somethings and make come copies...however whilst there a cute young man pulled the ol' "You look familiar...do I know you?" and we flirted it up by the copy machine while the cute little Asian owner made our copies for us because we both were having a hard time figuring it out. Thank God I looked hot and sexy today just to run errands. One thing leads to another and he gets my number...and we're going out tonight?! We were supposed to go salsa dancing, which would have been AMAZING...but all of my friends and mom freaked out about him driving me so far alone and you know...SEX TRAFFICKING!!! AHHHH speech #132. Plus, some tragic events just happened within my friendship group today and I am pretty worn out so I suggested we do something else, and maybe meet there?

HE suggested a movie. I was too nice to veto since first date movies kind of suck. But I am finally going to get to see The Kings Speech since my parents flaked out all weekend about going.

He's some kind of physicist. He has his PhD. He was in the same program as Cassie...and understood better then I did when I attempted to explain what she does. I think hes originally from Uganda since I snuck peeks at the documents he was copying.

Oh shit, I just realized we're going to the same theatre me and Number 2 ALWAYS went to to see movies at. The theatre I had SEX in with him...ahaha I don't think I've told that story on here. From behind bitches!!!

NONE OF THAT WILL BE HAPPENING TONIGHT. No sex. No awkward make out hickeys.

We're just going on a nice normal date to the movies with the physicist I met today at Postal Annex, right?

Oh God, knowing me tomorrows post is going to be a doozy.

Whatever happened to the holiday break?

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