Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas At The Apartment.

A lovely Christmas at the apartment. 

I couldn't leave the store without this little sparkly pink Christmas tree.
Currently also acts as our night light. 

 I saw these adorable ribbons with puffs for purchase that I was planning on posting here for a fun Christmas decorating idea, but unfortunately due to the computer crash of 09 I can pretend that making these were all my idea! Roomies pictured!

So instead of buying these, simple steps to create your own include:
1) Buy hot glue gun
2) buy 1 spool of red ribbon ($1)
3) buy bag of multi colored puffs ($3)
4) hot glue on opposing sides 
5) String around your apartment like a fairy on crack

I also had some pretty letters leftover from my birthday decorations and made a few corny banners for around the house too. "Christmas" (didn't have another M to include Merry, opps) "Joy" and "Peace". Steps glue letters onto ribbon. Boom.

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