Thursday, December 30, 2010

Be Be Be In Love

My mom keeps trying to convince me not to move away, and has now enlisted using the boy as a new excuse for me to stay. We've been texting about it while I cry and pack up my room for the move home tomorrow.  She just point blank asked me...

Mom: Do you love him?
Me: um, I've only known him for a week and feel ridic saying lets just say Im falling for him.
Mom: It can happen.

UM. Was that just my mother telling me I would be justified in my feelings if I came right out and said I fell in love in a week? Because, uh...WEIRD. Who knew mom was an old romantic? But I guess we've been spending a lot more time together then most people who date and who I've dated do...I mean typically theres 1-3 dates each week for a month or so and talk on the phone...and then usually you start to fall for them. But in my case, we've been having "dates" everyday for 9 days. Thats a huge fast forward. Like smashing a month of dating into a week. Plus, theres the "love at first sight" theory. And the "soul mate" theory. And my personal, "The Click" theory.

But now a better question, will Postal Annex Guy wait for me? I am too excited about living abroad and teaching to not go. And I told him I could just go for the 6 months and then come back. So really, it's all up to him. If he knows whats good for him, he'll wait for this hot piece of ass.


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