Friday, December 24, 2010

It Would Appear That I Have Taken On A Lover...

Oh...where to begin....

So...I MAY have met the man of my dreams...I mean, seriously. You know that "list" you have in your head of what you would like in a man...this one might just meet all of the criteria. To the point that its actually a little scary and overwhelming...especially since Im moving to SLOVAKIA in 2 weeks. Perfect timing life! Your awesome!

Postal Annex Guy (PAG) came over yesterday around noon and brought me lunch...oh mind you, we went to bed at 2am the night before and he woke up at 6am to go to the school and get some work done so he could spend the rest of the day with me- Uh, I know, SWOON. So we ate the sandwiches he brought and then spent the next 5 HOURS making out...then sleeping tangled up in each other snuggled under my heating blanket while it rained and stormed outside. So wonderfully romantic. Finally, we got hungry so we decided to go down to a really pretty part of the city for an AMAZING Mexican dinner and walked around the vintage Hotel Del Coronado looking at lights...making fun of the tourists...walking on the was perfect. He asked people to take pictures of us around the hotel a few times, it was so sweet. It's hard for me to even put in words his precious demeanor and way with me...he continually compliments my looks and brains, thanks me for being with him, has impeccable old school dating manners and etiquette, and genuinely seems to enjoy my company and everything about who I am. You my dear readers, KNOW ME. You KNOW I have never been treated like this unless a boy was trying to get into my pants. It's come to the point where I dont trust men anymore AT ALL. I just accept the compliment and move on without dwelling on it...because I know that they know that if they call a girl beautiful enough they'll get some. Not happening.

BUT, ladies and gentleman. Not so with this fellow. He is not trying to get into my pants. He is just that lovely. I dont want to get into anymore details, you just have to trust know that point where you actually like someone for real and don't want to spill every single thing because its kind of all a treasure? Well I kind of feel like we're at that point. I want to keep some of these treasures between him and I...maybe to be spilled later.

After Coronado we fell into bed and spent the night together tangled into a ball of bliss. He slept without a problem, but I tossed and turned like the night before thinking of all the things I have to do for Christmas and OMG I'm moving to Slovakia. This morning he woke up early and went to work so he could come back and take me out for awhile before I had to meet my amazing girls for our yearly Christmas girls night. We spent a few hours together again today before my big night...he texted me to tell me he was thinking about me while I was gone. When we're together its just like we've been together forever.

I am kind of in la la land and not really thinking straight about things.  I was 3 hours late to spend time with Cassie today and didn't even call to tell her I would be late, which she would have been fine with if I had just fucking called...IRRESPONSIBLE + BAD FRIEND. I am not nearly done with my Christmas presents, because I had the choice between using my given time to make them OR spend it with a beautiful man who is enthralled with me. Yeah, I thought the choice was obvious too.

I have NO idea whats going to happen with this. 

I am just trying to enjoy the ride. 

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